30 July 2017

Celebrating one year of Life Of Emily 

Life Of Emily has officially turned one and I wanted to make this post to thank each and every one of you for not only taking the time to read but also leaving me lovely comments to read. 

I am slightly disappointed how irregular I have been with how often I post and wish to post so much more content in year 2 of ‘Life Of Emily’. I feel that blogging takes up a huge amount of time, not realizing this at first. The important thing is to keep going no matter what and I realize it's okay to put my blog on pause for a moment as I want to publish the best content I possibly can. I love being part of the blogging community with little Twitter chats here and there and can't forget how fabulous the readers are. 

I know I have a long way to go, I really want to improve my writing skills, as well as photography and creativity. 

Again, thank you for taking your time to visit my little corner of the internet and HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY TO ME!

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