6 May 2017

Hello everyone, Long time no see. Some of you might have been aware that my blog has not been working over the past month or so due to technical things I'm no tech expert so it took me a while to figure things out. But the important thing is now that it's working and you will get to see more posts from me. How exciting! Now to the reason you're probably here is my tips on sorting our your teenage skin.

Over the past couple of years, I have recently discovered that my skin probably isn't at its best and the troublesome ‘teenage skin’ has kicked in. If you are a teenager, like me you can probably relate to the struggles. Because of hormonal changes, it can be hard to keep it in charge from oiliness, acne and clogged pores it can be a pain to manage. I hope you guys find my tips helpful and let me know your favourite skin care products in the comments below as well as if you would like to see the products I use e.g. Skincare routine.

#1 Know your skin type
Before splurging out on expensive products it's probably best to know your skin type so you can get the best products for your skin. Personally, I have combination skin, meaning that I have an oily t- zone but other areas of my face can often get dry at times; but if you're unsure there are many ways online you can find out.

#2 Drink more water 
One of the best tips, yet the oldest. Staying hydrated is vital to keeping healthy, hydrated skin and preventing breakouts and spots. No matter how much you cleanse your skin this tip is vital as your body needs nourishing on the inside.It also will help your skin glow, shine and be more soft appearing.

#3 Don't wear heavy foundations or makeup every day 
If you are wearing a full face of makeup every single day you can really clog up your pores and this can lead to your skin breaking out. Avoid wearing super heavy foundations every day and only wear on special occasions or when you need a fuller coverage. I suggest using a lighter foundation for every day like the Bourjois healthy mix serum.

#4 Remove makeup 
We can all be a bit forgetful at night especially when coming home late or staying over at a friends house to remove our makeup. Try to remove your makeup before going to bed as you could wake up with a few extra pimples in the morning! You could but a pack of facial wipes next to your bed to make sure you don't forget. Leaving it on your skin means it can not breathe and it can clog pores making them dirtier.

#5 Develop a small routine 
This doesn't have to be anything fancy, infant some of the high-end products do just as a good job as the cheaper alternates. Eg. Use a cleanser every morning and a thick moisturiser at night on your skin. Your skin will be thanking you for spending that extra bit of time in the bathroom.

#6 Having a healthy and balanced diet 
I must admit myself I'm not always the healthiest and do enjoy a bar of chocolate after school but good skin care comes with a good diet. Lots of fruit and vegetables will help you along the way.

#7 Sunscreen application 
The sun can be extremely damaging to our skin as its known to cause wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. When we do get the sun in the Uk it's important you apply sun protector and use products with SPF in them and do the same anytime your in contact with the sun.

#8 Be confident in your bear skin 
It's part of growing up! Unfortunately a majority of teens will have to face the dreaded acne- prone skin but hopefully, these tips will help you out. Last but important tip be confident in yourself! Try your hardest not to worry or feel self- conscious about this no matter what people say, enjoy yourself and block the haters.

Do you have any other tips?

Life of Emily x

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