12 March 2017

Many people in today society including myself sometimes always put the negatives before the positives about themselves and are putting themselves down for no necessary reasons. 99% of us will easily be able to pick something out they don't like about their appearance and are obsessed with changing it, however, these days this is the ultimate goal to look our best. Come new year how many of us put losing weight at the top of their new year's resolution, an awful lot in fact. People are becoming obsessed with the way they look and are constantly thinking about it turning into an unhealthy obsession. No matter what size, shape or weight people always just want more and aren't happy with themselves.

1. Get NAKED, without that sounding super strange I mean it, take your clothes off and have a shower, scrub your body from head to toe in your favorite body wash. Once you've showered take a look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself, I'm sure many of you will find this challenging but it's rewarding. Tell yourself how BEAUTIFUL you are. Smile at the curves, lines, muscles, dimples, hair and scars take in the positives who has time for negatives!

2. EXERCISE. The word you love or dread. If the only reason you exercise is to burn off that chocolate brownie you need to rethink and consider your gym membership. Going to the gym shouldn't be a workout! You should be going as it's something you enjoy or wanting to challenge yourself. Hours on end pushing you, straining muscle fibres just for the 'perfect body' will always fail in my eyes as your just getting yourself wrapped up in yourself. What even does the 'perfect body' mean? You should be moving your body because you want to feel stronger, happier, healthier, sleep better and live a longer life.

3. FOOD, that one really unhealthy meal you ate doesn't mean that you are going to all sudden put loads of weight on or does that super healthy meal you ate mean you are going to shed loads of pounds. It's not about what you eat, its how much you eat of it. Enjoy what you eat as your less likely to binge.

4. Finally, SMILE considers all the above and complement yourself. Accepting yourself may be hard but it worth it to be clear headed and happier about yourself. There's so much more to life than comparing you to others feeling slug all the time. Take care of yourself and live a happier, healthier life.

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