19 February 2017

Within my little MAC lipstick collection of nine, these are my four nude shades and I adore each and every one of them. MAC was probably the first high- end (ISH) company that I started investing in, buying more luxurious high-end lipstick considering every purchase before I made it, as £16.50 lipstick for a student is not light on the bank! Whenever I'm near a MAC counter I feel you have to walk out with a hand full of lipstick swatches. Anyone else agree?

Let's stop rambling and let me show you my four nude lipsticks: 

1.Shy girl 
Shy girl is a delicate baby pink shade lightly covering the lips. Easily buildable to how you want it with multiple layers. Perfect everyday nude.

2. Whirl 
Whirl reminds me of a color you would find back in the 70s. Whirl is very similar to velvet teddy when first applied but as you build it gets darker with its pink undertones, unlike velvet teddy which is brown-undertoned. The shade would complement any neutral eye look but could also pair with a party look with a smokey eye.

3. Velvet teddy 
The shade almost every girl has in their makeup collection. This was actually the first MAC lipstick that I brought myself and the first I completely finished. This is the perfect lipstick if you're after a brown toned nude matte lipstick. MACs matte formula is quite creamy making it easy to apply but then drying into a matte finish.

4.Creme cup 
Creme cup is a sheer light pink, soft, buildable lipstick which is wearable for most skin tones. I'm not always the biggest fan of cream sheen finish as I often have chapped lips and they show off all the lines and cracks. If you don't have dry lips then this will look gorgeous.

  Time for swatches who doesn't love them? 
(left to right - Shy girl, Whirl, Velvet Teddy, Creme cup) 

Want to see my other MAC lipsticks? 
What's your favorite lipstick? 

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