21 January 2017

(*please excuse the blu tack)
 So when I found out Winky Lux were collaborating with ASOS I soon added them to my basket with excitement! As I have ASOS premium they soon came and were able to have them then next day (highly recommend subscribing to ASOS premium) they came in a super cute small metallic, gold makeup bag. ASOS are selling them for £25 and you get all three colours; yellow, green and pink saving 35% rather than on the website for £9.50 each. Must admit packaging is probably the reason why I but most makeup products and I just couldn't resist when I saw these lip balms that had real flowers in them, know as chrysanthemum in the plant world!  

(*please excuse the blu tack)
The formula looks really glossy and not balmy, and completely translucent but they are the complete opposite. The balm appears on clear and then adjusts to your lips PH levels making the perfect shade of pink suited to your skin tone just for you. Not to mention the divine sent of coconut throughout. They are ultra nourishing leaving your lips feeling hydrated. 

You can find them  HERE  on the ASOS website
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Emily Clare 
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  1. These are so beautiful, I absolutely love the aesthetic! I don't think I'd want to use them, I'd wanna display them as ornaments haha 🙈 It's really cool how the tone adjusts to suit you! Thank you for sharing!

    Abbey 💕

  2. Thank you
    They are gorgeous sitting in my acrylic lipstick stand!


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