22 December 2016

So, to start off with I like to use Urban Decay as a primer to help minimise my pores and keep my makeup lasting longer smoothing my skin out.  After applying my primer I then go in with the NARS Sheer Glow foundation using just less than one pump for my face in the shade Mont Blank, yes my skin is quite pale. This foundation is very buildable giving you a natural, radiant finish
coverage. It will also leave your skin hydrated looking luminous and smoother. This is probably the most expensive foundation I have splurged out on and is worth the money in my opinion. I then use my trusty Collection Lasting perfection concealer which as you are probably aware of many youtube rave about. If you are looking for a long lasting affordable concealer then this one won't break the bank as its so good for the price your paying. Setting with Maybelline setting powder.

Primer : £19.50
Foundation: £31.00
Concealer: £3.99

As my contour powder, I use the Benefit Hoola bronzer applying to the hollows of my cheeks using my contour brush followed with my buffing brush, which I used for my foundation to blend out any harsh contouring to make the effect as natural as possible. 
And to my cheek bones, the LA Balm Mary lou highlighter. I just used my usual highlighter brush lightly skimming this across my cheek bones not making it too bright. 

Contour bronzer: £23.50
Highlighter: £17.49

So, for the eyes, I like to keep it quite minimalistic as for most days I will be at school. For my eyeshadow, I like to use the new (ish) Urban Decay naked ultimate basics palette which features twelve new must-have neutral shades that any Urban Decay Junkie will love. It also has a HUGE mirror what would make it the perfect palette to go travelling with. I like to use the shades  Nudie, Commando and Blow applying Tempted to the crease. To finish my eyes I just apply the most popular mascara there is out there which is Too Faced Better than sex mascara to my eyelashes, leaving my brows unfilled if it's just every day unless I'm doing something special. 

Eyeshadow: £38.50
Mascara: £19.00

I use a MAC lipstick in the shade Velvet teddy which is my ultimate favourite lipstick shade having used it up within a year (whoops …. ) not actually knowing what I would do if it was discontinued! It's defiantly a very popular shade that I know many people love. With neutral beige tones, it's easy and wearable to wear for any occasion. 

Lipstick: £15.50 

To finish off I used the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting spray to help my makeup last as long as it possibly can.

Setting spray:£22  (travel size is available at £9)

Whats your must have makeup products? 

Emily Clare xx


  1. Beautiful lipstick color!


  2. Ah this is such a lovely post - love Nars, their concealer is one of my favourite! :)

    Layla xx


  3. Thank you Layla, thats on my list to try!
    Emily C xx


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