10 September 2016

Prepare yourself, I would recommend finding a comfy seat and getting a cuppa tea as this post could get very lengthy. A while ago I was on my personal snap chat looking at the discover section reading an article about what is the appropriate age girls should start wearing makeup this got me thinking…

I feel that all girls go through four stages beginning from age three up until their adulthood overcoming many adventures along the way. 

Stage 1: Playing dress up as a child 
We've all been in our mum's makeup bag finding her bright pink lipstick or rouge blusher applying it to our face having fun ‘playing makeup’. For many years you have been able to purchase makeup kits that are targeted to children as toys. I'm talking bright green eyeshadow and sticky lipgloss in a round pot you know the type you would find it in an Argos catalogue and want Santa to get it you for Christmas. I'm pretty sure every child had one in their childhood at some point and everyone loved it unless you were a tomboy of corse. Feeling sorry for the dads who choose to play with their child and get the role of a fairy getting glittery makeup applied to their face! This sort of makeup should stay at home and not venture out of the house.  

Stage 2: Pushing the boundaries 

I'm taking about seven to twelve-year-olds here when they start looking up to role models wishing that they were adults. In today's society It's hard for children and teenagers accepting what they look like and not being the perfect self they wish to be. With Youtube increasing I feel that this also plays a role to children wanting to apply makeup from watching tutorials from people like Zoella and Tanya burr who have quite a few young viewers. A while ago I was in Lush and there was this nine-year-old (I'm guessing) who said to her mum ‘can I get this bath bomb please as Zoella recommended it’ I didn't realise people that young watched her channel until then!  At this age, I'm sure many girls question would there parents let them wear makeup? Starting with clear nail polish and clear lip gloss getting a stronger pigmentation as the time goes by until their parents notice. If their parents let them I feel that the lipstick gets brighter and start applying eyeshadow.

Stage 3:Teenage years 
From making the mistakes everyone wished they never did everyone has had a bad time when they have been out with a dramatic makeup disaster. The harsh orange lines on the jar, over plucking eyebrows and buying totally the wrong foundation shade. The majority of teenagers wear makeup due to being unhappy about their appearance as in this society so many people are not happy with the way  they are and wanting to be perfect from being Victoria Secret angle model material or having clear skin which is hard to achieve in teenage years unless you have an outstanding skin care routine. Skin problems are probably the main reason teenagers turn to makeup too because of areas occurring they don't like spots, dark circles, oily skin and find a way to fix them to be more confident in themselves. Starting out with concealer covering up the spots clogging up the pores not letting the skin brave and unable to heal itself. Once the concealer goes on I find then comes the foundation. Everyone in their teenage years is unhappy with their skin at one point so you shouldn't feel un-secure with your skin and the way you look. From experimenting with colour and new trends like when younger I feel the teenage years are when the mistakes happen and people feel the need that they need to wear makeup as everyone around them probably does as social media and youtube beauty industry being so large people look up to them. Having youtube watching tutorials is bad as well good as you can learn how to perfect those skills but still sometimes feel you need to look like certain you tubers and apply products that are not always right for you. I've now has seen more videos recreating those teenage years. I feel this time period is when most people start wearing makeup properly introducing it into their lives. 

Stage 4: Adulthood 
Introducing it into a routine getting ready for work every morning day in day out applying the same makeup. You've learnt your mistakes and are now establishing the routine buying the more high-end makeup spending that little more money on the products that you love and can't live without whether that's expensive or that really affordable product but its totally worth it. 

In this world, I feel that people should accept who you are because everyone is beautiful in their own individual way and it's their choice when they were makeup as they will learn along the way.

Thank you for reading!

Emily Clare

      x x 

what age did you start wearing makeup ?
Have you ever made any makeup mistakes in your life?

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