9 August 2016

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Summer is coming to an end shortly as Autumn is starting to appear with shops starting to stock autumn pies and bargain sales selling summer pieces. The weather isn't great currently and summer should be back next week with temperatures reaching high 20s. Before summer ends I would like to share 50 things I love about summer from tan lines to ice cream. 

  1. Hanging out with friends 
  2. Fresh Fruit 
  3. Buying a new pair of sun glasses 
  4. Sun- kissed skin
  5.  Icecream 
  6. Temperatures increasing 
  7. Bonfires 
  8. Smores 
  9. barbeques 
  10. Refreshing drink 
  11. Camping 
  12. Flipflop 
  13. Fresh crisp air 
  14. Homemade lemonade 
  15. Sitting in a park 
  16. Relaxing 
  17. Blue skies 
  18. Driving with windows down
  19. Creating cute summer outfits 
  20. Watching sun set 
  21. Henna 
  22. Going to a river 
  23. Pastle nails
  24. Dipping your toes into the sea 
  25. Jamming out to music wild and free 
  26. Picnic in the park 
  27. Water fights 
  28. BBC Summer mix every day 
  29. Summer vacation 
  30. No school!
  31. Tan lines 
  32. Late nights 
  33. looking at the stars 
  34. strawberries 
  35. Smores 
  36. Cherries 
  37. laughing with friends 
  38. Open windows, all night 
  39. frozen yogurt 
  40. Night walks 
  41. Creating the perfect playlist 
  42. Ditching the alarm and waking up to sunrise 
  43. Summer Birthdays (Mine!)
  44. Iced coffee 
  45. Daisies 
  46. Occasional fluffy clouds 
  47. Salads
  48. Tanned legs,well sometimes
  49. Watermelon 
  50. Memories that will last a life time!

What do you love about summer ?

Emily Clare 

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  1. Wow! Love this list I love being round friends in the summer and having fun camping trips !! X

    1. Same camping is so fun especially with friends! x


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