22 December 2016

So, to start off with I like to use Urban Decay as a primer to help minimise my pores and keep my makeup lasting longer smoothing my skin out.  After applying my primer I then go in with the NARS Sheer Glow foundation using just less than one pump for my face in the shade Mont Blank, yes my skin is quite pale. This foundation is very buildable giving you a natural, radiant finish


11 December 2016

Okay, so I admit I'm not actually the biggest fan of mince pies as theres something about sultanas I don't quite like. However this doesn't stop me from baking them making the kitchen for fill with the smell of Christmas. The below is a simple easy recipe that I used to make this years mince pies. Everyone told me how delicious they were so hopefully you will like them as well. 


20 November 2016

1. Cult Beatuty - Morphe 35o pallet: £21.75

Astonishingly good value, Morphe brushes 35 pan palette contains an array of wearable shades for achieving a spectrum of subtle to smouldering make up effects. The sleek, slimline pallet is a favourite of professional makeup artists, while the buttery powders blend together beautifully to achieve a seamless, photo ready finish.

2. Zara Scarf : £17.99


7 November 2016

After the 2014 craze from Jaclyn Hill two years later I have finally got my hands on the Morphe 35o palette and I am thrilled in love with it. As Moprhe is an American brand it was hard to get as only  Cult Beauty  stock Morphe, in the UK as I am aware of without charging ridiculous postage charges. As soon as Cult beauty restocked I soon added it to my basket and It was on its way. 

This pallet retails for $23 USD but can find on cult beauty for £21.75 this includes 35 single eye


10 September 2016

Prepare yourself, I would recommend finding a comfy seat and getting a cuppa tea as this post could get very lengthy. A while ago I was on my personal snap chat looking at the discover section reading an article about what is the appropriate age girls should start wearing makeup this got me thinking…

I feel that all girls go through four stages beginning from age three up until their adulthood overcoming many adventures along the way. 

Stage 1: Playing dress up as a child 
We've all been in our mum's makeup bag finding her bright pink lipstick or rouge blusher applying it to our face having fun ‘playing makeup’. For many years you have been able to purchase makeup kits that are targeted to children as toys. I'm talking bright green eyeshadow and sticky lipgloss in a round pot you know the type you would find it in an Argos catalogue and want Santa to get it you for Christmas. I'm pretty sure every child had one in their childhood at some point and everyone loved it unless you were a tomboy of corse. Feeling sorry for the dads who choose to play with their child and get the role of a fairy getting glittery makeup applied to their face! This sort of makeup should stay at home and not venture out of the house.  

Stage 2: Pushing the boundaries 


9 August 2016

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Summer is coming to an end shortly as Autumn is starting to appear with shops starting to stock autumn pies and bargain sales selling summer pieces. The weather isn't great currently and summer should be back next week with temperatures reaching high 20s. Before summer ends I would like to share 50 things I love about summer from tan lines to ice cream. 

  1. Hanging out with friends 
  2. Fresh Fruit 
  3. Buying a new pair of sun glasses 
  4. Sun- kissed skin
  5.  Icecream 
  6. Temperatures increasing 
  7. Bonfires 


29 July 2016

Admit it we have all been in a hurry buying that foundation at Boots not releasing that the colour doesn't actually match your skin when you come to use it. Or have you been on a sunny holiday where you've tanned and been in a situation that you foundation is not dark enough to match your skin without buying a new one? You can now fix all these problems with the Body Shop shade adjusting drops.
The Body Shop have recently realised these in a lightening and darkening formula retailing at £10 each,which I think is a little on the expensive side. I love this quote from the body shop website "You wouldn’t settle for Mr. “Almost right” so why do it with your foundation? " So true and seriously girls you need to try them. They will work with most foundations. The formula is very runny and the pump helps keep the liquid inside the bottle without creating too much mess. find them HERE. For those that support that products shouldn't be tested on animals, The Body Shop are also cruelty-free.

Lightning drops
For those who have very fair skin and struggle to find a foundation that actually matches your skin tone, this might be a perfect solution. If you find that your foundation looks too dark or orange a concentration of white and pink pigments in the Lightening Drops will help neutralise yellowness while lightening. Simply add a drop to lighten light to medium shades. You can also use the lightning drops to highlight.

Darkening Drops 
For darker skin tones you may find that your foundation might be looking rather ashy or light. The drops will make the foundation darkening keeping a natural feel and look to the current foundation. You could also use for contouring along with the lightening drops for a highlight.
I would recommend taking these on holiday you never know you might need them. Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed my first blog post. What would you like to see in the future?
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